Contempory. Quality. Reliability.

Quality Craftsmanship

We pay close attention to the small details so you’ll be happy with your home for years to come.

Certified Experience

Enjoy the peace of mind of using certified builders and subcontractors.

25+ Years Experience

Trust an experienced builder with the knowledge required for any job.

Rowan Constructions is known for constructing complex architectural projects, ranging from custom-designed residential homes to multiple townhouse dwellings. High emphasis is placed on delivering each project on time, while ensuring it reaches its maximum potential, fulfilling the objective behind the architect’s and client’s vision.

Our close-knit team comprises of a small group of site staff and trusted sub-contractors who follow our management crew from project to project. By
 maintaining a tight relationship with our suppliers and sub-contractors, we are able to ensure timely completion and exceptional workmanship that our clients have come to appreciate.

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